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Selasa, 11 Februari 2020

Fungsi Simple Past Tense

  1. Menyatakan perbuatan yang terjadi di masa lampau.
  • Tanpa atau dengan menggunakan time signal.

e.g. :

  • They studied last night.
  • We met him yesterday.
  • Where did yoou meet her?
  • The bus was twenty minutes late.

2. Menyatakan kebiasaan di waktu lampau.

  • Menggunakan time signal atau modal auxiliary would”, “used to” dan ekspresi ** “be used to” (dulu terbiasa/dulu biasanya).
  • Time signal + V2
  • Would + V1
  • Used to +V1
  • Be (was, were) + used to + Ving


  • She always carried an umbrella.
  • He never drink coffee.
  • When I was a child, my father would read me a story at night before bed.
  • They used to smoke cigarettes; now they smoke a pipe.
  • Siska usedn’t to like Radit but she quite likes him now.
    (Atau) : She used to dislike Radit but she likes him now.
  • Elizabeth was used to living in a cold climate.

**Note            : Jika “Be used to” diartikan “Dulu terbiasa” (Tenses Past), maka “Be”-nya menggunakan “was, were”. Tetapi jika “Be used to” diartikan “Sekarang terbiasa” (Tenses Present), maka “Be”-nya menggunakan “is, am, are”.