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Minggu, 13 Juni 2021

Parts of Time

Days    :           Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, holiday, birthday, free day.

Months:          January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Years  :            1985 (nineteen eighty five)

                        1881 (eighteen eighty one)

                        2000 (two thousand)

                        2002 (two thousand and two)

Dates   :           August 10 / August 10th / 10 August / 10th August

(cara membacanya: the tenth of August)

Seasons:         spring, summer, autumn, winter, rainy, dry.

Untuk menanyakan jam berapa sekarang, kita bisa menggunakan kata-kata di bawah ini ya guys:

What time is it now?

What is the time? / What time? Could you tell me the time, please? / What does your watch say?

British American
It’s 6.20 a.m.
It’s twenty (minutes) past six.
It’s 6.20 a.m
It’s six twenty (minutes)
It’s 7.30 p.m.
It’s thirty (minutes) past 7
It’s half past seven.
It’s 7.30 p.m.
It’s seven thirty
It’s seven half.
It’s 8.15 a.m.
It’s fifteen (minutes) past eight.
It’s a quarter past eight.
It’s forty five to nine.
It’s 8.15 a.m.
It’s eight fifteen (minutes)
It’s eight a quarter.
It’s forty five of nine.
It’s 8.50 a.m.
It’s ten (minutes) to nine.
It’s 8.50 a.m.
It’s eight fifty (minutes)
It’s ten (minutes) of nine


a.m. : ante meridiem / 12 malam sampai 12 siang

p.m. : post meridiem / 12 siang sampai 12 malam

on time : tepat waktu

in time : tepat waktu (datang lebih awal)

time is up : waktu habis

From Time To Time

John Jane
What day is today?Today is Monday
What day is tomorrow?Tomorrow is Tuesday
What day was yesterday?Yesterday was Sunday
What day is after tomorrow?After tomorrow is Wednesday
What day was before yesterday?Before yesterday was Saturday
What month is this month?This month is April
What month is next month?Next month is May
What month was last month?Last month was March
What month is after next month?After next month is June
What month was before last month? Before last month was February
What year is this year?This year is 2021
What year is next year?Next year is 2022
What year was last year?Last year was 2020
What year is after next year?After next year is 2023
What year was before last year?Before last year was 2019